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Bright Light Therapy

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Usage Guidelines:

  1. Begin bright light therapy sessions shortly after waking for 20 to 30 minutes each morning or as recommended by your healthcare provider.
  2. For optimal results, begin your bright light therapy session at approximately the same time each morning and do not skip sessions.
  3. Adjust the height for optimal bright light therapy positioning. To ensure that the Day-Light is at the appropriate height for you, your eyes should be approximately in the center of the light and the light screen must be tilted at a 15 angle toward you so that the light is projected over you during therapy sessions (see your Day-Light User Guide).
  4. Do not stare directly into the light. You may read, work, eat, etc. while receiving bright light therapy.
  5. As fluorescent light tubes deteriorate over time and therefore will emit lower light intensity levels. To keep your Day-Light Bright Light Therapy System effective, we recommend that you replace the light tubes after two years of use even if they have not yet burnt out.
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