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Product Reviews:

"This sun lamp works very well and was easy to set up. The light is easy on the eyes and can be used for reading while you are using it for sun exposure. The company also was very helpful as when it arrived one of the bulbs had broken in shipping. I called and they shipped out two free bulbs right away. There are two stands, one built in and a separate one which is larger which allows for different heights. All in all this is an excellent product and worth the price."
Midlander (Midland, MI) - Review from

"Very pleased with the product and the price. It was delivered faster than anticipated. Very pleased !! Would recommend to anyone who needs the sunshine !! Especially if you live in Rochester !"
Eric (Rochester, NY) - Review from

"I bought this lamp 2 weeks ago and I have been using it every day since. It is sturdy, super bright (think Mexico on a sunny day with no sunglasses), easy to use and does the trick of reducing the blahs from lack of sun here in Seattle. I bought the lamp mainly because I have a morning job and am not a morning person (aka cannot get out of bed in the morning).

It has a hole in the back so that it can be hung on the wall. I have the lamp hanging on the wall opposite of my bed so that when my alarm clock goes off at 6am (no light outside), I turn the lamp on and even if I try, there is no way I could fall back asleep-it's that bright. Getting up every morning at 6am is becoming easier and easier every day with the help of this lamp.

The directions state to use the lamp first thing in the morning with the lamp at eye level within 12inches for 20 minutes. The directions also state that you can use the lamp at a further distance but one would have to use it for a longer period of time-which I do and I get results.

The lamp is big but it still can fit on my desk (it has a pop out metal stand on the back of the lamp) next to my computer when I work, or on my bathroom counter (which is tiny-single sink with 3 inches of counter on each side) while I get ready for work. It's extremely light.

Improved mood-yes, decreased cravings for carbs.-yes, my body thinks it's sunny all the time in Seattle-yes. It was worth every penny."
L. Pierce (Seattle, WA) - Review from

"This product is VERY affordable, light-weight, fairly portable, and can be used for multiple purposes. My issues are a little more complex than just straight seasonal affective disorder but it still plays a critical role in my treatment. It helps regulate my sleep-awake cycle, improves alertness, decreases depression, etc. In other words, it helps me to function and enables me to benefit from the other aspects of my treatment plan. This is especially important for me since I cannot tolerate most meds due to allergies, metabolic problems, other physiological issues, and my multiple health conditions. I would have suffered much less if I had known about this a long time ago."
Thorny (USA) - Review from

"Lamp worked for SAD, and also Menopause!

We got this for my wife, who has Seasonal Affective Disorder and other Depression symptoms. She also has been getting hot flashes, more than 20 times a day, and very strong. After two weeks, the difference is huge, including the menopause symptoms. She now has fewer than six hot flashes per day and they are much milder.

We also redid our home lighting, putting 12 4-foot fluorescent tubes and five halogen lights into both our Kitchen-and-family room area, and our bedroom. A HUGE amount of light, and it's made a difference both for her and for me. However, then we got the light box and she's been using it for a half-hour each morning, and the change is still startling....."
By Mortimer the husband from San Jose, CA on 1/9/2007 - Review from

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